Wheel building Most options simply do not exist until you build them.
There are millions of potential combinations of use, load, size, stiffness and colour. With 10 years experience, I can make high performance and reliable wheels that best fit your needs

Bike fitting
There are three contact points in a bicycle. Your performance and well-being depend on their relationship to each other, because the most important component in a bicycle is the only one you cannot change. You, the rider.

Hydraulics are everywhere on your bike. Regular fork and brake fluid service keeps your bike running smoother and safer. To ensure maximum performance I recommend twice yearly service. Custom fork tuning available for some models.

Frame repairs and restorations
Have you got an old frame? Bring it! A fully equipped framebuilding shop is at your disposal for frame modification, chrome restoration, alignment, thread tapping, head tube facing, seat tube riming, bottom bracket chasing and facing... to give to your old frame a new shiny life

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