Virtus probata florescit

My first bike was a BMX, growing up in London’s east end.
When I was sixteen I came back to rural Tuscany, where I started riding on the road, thanks to my Grandfather, a lifelong cycling fan.
I fell in love, with the freedom, speed, the scenery. The peace.

My first Mountain Bike followed eight years later, in Barcelona. It was an escape into nature from the bustle of the city, I made up for lost time and fell in love, again.
I love being in Nature, the skills it develops and riding in three dimensions.
I was living next to the Velodrome, where I’d later do a guide/coaching course.
Next to the Velodrome is a bmx racetrack. I made daily use of that, working on my skills, having fun, meeting people. Through that I came into contact with the vibrant Bmx scene in Barcelona; the city was a playground and my journey had come full circle.

Over these thirty years cycling I’ve ridden on the road and off, Xc, and Cx, enduro and pumptracks.
I’ve ridden with friends, with strangers and by myself.
I’ve commuted, had folders, road, mtb, cruisers, good bikes, bad bikes.
I’d fixed bikes, broken a few. Broken myself , got up again.
The machine fascinated me.
I’d been wrenching on bikes for ten years, tinkering with motorbikes before that.
I worked at a friend’s bike shop. I’d learned a lot, but wanted to know more.
I knew the frame is the heart and soul of a bike, the key to the ride.

I went back to Italy to apprentice at a respected italian builder with sixty five years heritage.
There I found a master builder with 43 years experience who generously passed on the craft in the two years I spent there.
I started at the bottom and worked my way up. I questioned everything, studied all the bicycle books I could lay my hands on, read engineering manuals and above all with the guidance of a great teacher.
That, with hard work and my background as a mechanic and rider meant I progressed rapidly.
It was an incredible experience to confront myself with the breadth of that knowledge and craft.
I’d learnt a lot, but I was still curious, I knew there were many approaches to framebuilding.

I went back to England, to the Bicycle Academy in Frome, where I found a very different approach to framebuilding. I took the best of two superb schools of craft and thought.

I love both cultures, I grew up in both traditions.
It’s come full circle: A real journey always brings you back to where you started a changed person.
Just like a good bike ride does.

I live in Barcelona where I build Beautiful Italian, Simple English bicycles that are meant to be ridden.

Emanuel Ferretti

Vengo da una famiglia di artigiani. Sin da piccolo aiutavo in bottega.
Ho imparato a usare le mani, la testa e il cuore nel mio lavoro.
La passione della bicicletta mi è stata trasmessa da mio Nonno, grande appassionato.
La mia prima bicicletta, tanti anni fa è stata una BMX
con la quale esploravo l’East End di Londra.
Sono passato alle biciclette da corsa al mio ritorno in Toscana.
Sono cresciuto tra questi due poli, al quale ho affiancato la Mtb, a Barcellona.
Ho imparato da un maestro Telaista con quarantatrè anni di esperienza,
al quale ho aggiunto i miei venti anni di ossessione per quel gesto semplice che è pedalare.
Costruisco nel segno delle mie due tradizioni, l’italiana e l’inglese.
Costruisco su misura, perchè ognuno è diverso, unico.
Costruisco su misura perchè posso interpretare le esigenze e i desideri
e farne un veicolo bello, sicuro e performante.
Credo ogni bicicletta sia un mezzo: di svago, salute, trasporto e divertimento.
Un mezzo di libertà, semplice, affidabile, elegante e capace come poche esperienze
di riportarci a una dimensione più semplice, più sincera, più vera.

Candido, my maestro.
This is the man who made a Framebuilder out of me.
Sixty nine years old this year, Forty three of which spent building bicycle frames.
You can learn to build frames by yourself. Many have.
There’s plenty of resources, photos, blogs, books.
Craft is something deeper, an intuition born of experience and knowledge.
Something that’s either learned in twenty or thirty years,
or passed on by a Maestro.