An engineer came to our factory the other day, at a certain point he asked; why braze? Why not TIG Well. Indeed, why?
Heat. Brazing with Silver is lower than brazing with brass, but in any case they’re both much lower than Tig welding. The more heat you have the more the tube distorts.
Way back when, 30 years ago, frames were all lugged, Then the mtb bike boom came along, and fillet brazing all those frames just wasn’t an option, it took too long, it was too expensive. There weren’t lugs available for the multitude of frame designs and tube diameters. The answer was TIG.
I feel tempted, as you do, by the lack of filing, but brazing has been around for around 5000 years, it creates strong, solid joints. It looks good. It lets you replace a tube if it gets damaged. In short, it's what we do.

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