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Framebuilding, Service and repairs

Revanche means rematch, alternative. Not giving in to fear when descending, not giving in to pain when climbing, not giving up when you fall. Revanche is the essence of cycling. Because not giving up is the essence of cycling. That's your Revanche.

Acronyms, marketing and hype seem to have replaced understanding in the bike industry.
Writing is my chance to pass on what I have learnt in my 25 year obsession with the art, science and magic of all things bicycle.

Welcome to Revanche bikes. A simple yet beautiful bikeshop for all cyclists.
Drop me a line or come in and say hello.
Let's see what I can do for you.

There’s a perfect bike for everyone, Age, money, fitness. It doesn’t matter. Your perfect bike exists, even if it’s only in your dreams, for now. Go fast, go slow, be stylish, be practical. Go custom.
Whatever you ride, I can help. Repairs, bike fit, upgrades.  Competence with a touch of style.